Join WCO

Membership of WCO is open to organisations around the world, and comes with many benefits.

There are two types of membership; associate and affiliate.

How to join

To join, please decide if your organisation is more suited to associate or affiliate membership and complete the applicable membership form below.

  Associate Membership Application  or Associate Membership Online form

  Affiliate Membership Application or  Affiliate Membership Online form

Please return completed form to or the WCO secretariat at:

World Council of Optometry
42 Craven Street
London WC2N 5NG
United Kingdom

To become a member, you must accept our concept of optometry and support our mission and objectives.

Approving your application

Once you have applied, we will process your application following the steps explained below.

Step 1
We will check your application for to make sure you have  met all relevant criteria.

Step 2
We will then forward your application to your regional organisation and to any other WCO member organisations in your country for feedback.

Our regional organisations are:

African Council of Optometry (AFCO)
Asia-Pacific Council of Optometry (APCO)
Eastern Mediterranean The Eastern Mediterranean Council of Optometry (EMCO)
Europe European Council of Optometry and Optics (ECOO)
Latin America Association of Latin American Optometry and Optics (ALDOO)
North America American Optometric Association (AOA) or Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO)

Step 3
After all feedback is considered, any relevant information will be passed to our membership committee for consideration.

Step 4

The membership committee's feedback will be passed to our Governing Board for a final decision on your application.

Step 5

Your membership will be confirmed upon receipt of the annual membership fee.

Once your organisation is a member of WCO, your individual members will be eligible to apply for our Fellowship programme and can join our Governing Board.

Member resources

We have produced a brochure and presentation for members to use to help them explain to people in their region who we are and what we do.

These are available to download below.

  About WCO brochure

An introduction to WCO presentation

If you have any questions, please contact