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Governing Board

The Governing Board consists of representatives from our six world regions. Their role is to manage the organisation’s affairs.

Dr Uduak Udom, Nigeria

President Elect
Dr Scott Mundle, Canada

Immediate Past President
Dr Susan Cooper, Canada

Dr Pete Kehoe, USA

Education Committee Chair
Prof Gerald E. Lowther, USA

LRS Committee Chair
Mr Nigel St Rose, Trinidad

Public Health Committee Chair    
Prof Sandy Block, USA

Congress Standing Committee
Prof Kovin Naidoo, South Africa

Africa representatives
Mr Anguyo Dralega, Uganda
Mr Maemo Kobe, South Africa
Prof Tuwani Rasengane, South Africa

Asia Pacific representatives
Victoria Law, Hong Kong
Mr Shameem Razak, Fiji

Eastern Mediterranean representatives
Mr Hasan Minto, Pakistan
Dr Ali Bukhamseen, Saudi Arabia
Dr Hassan Awada, Lebanon

Europe representatives
Mr Jesus Garcia Poyatos, Spain
Dr Julie-Anne Little, United Kingdom
Mr Paul Folkesson, Sweden

Latin America representatives
Mr Nigel St Rose, Trinidad
Mr Hugo A. Farhat, Argentina
Mr Ricado Bretas, Brazil

North America representatives
Dr Paul Geneau, Canada
Dr Mitch Munson, USA
Dr Steven Loomis, USA